A Girl’s Dream

The sound of birds and the bright sunshine woke her. She stood up, and then hurriedly gets dressed, she opened the door to see the children in the neighborhood playing together and everything was green. There are a lot of trees, and the neighborhood is spotless. She heard her mother calling her to get ready for school. School is fun; the class has a 5D projector. Sometimes the class can be a jungle and they can play with the animals in the jungle. School isn’t as long as it was in the past; 5 hours of class and the children are ready to go home. They have a special time where the children could go play too, this is her favorite time in school.

After school, she goes home and calls her sister who is in the other side of the world. With the new technology, her sister’s projection could be in the same room as her, so she could meet her sister every time. Technology in this era made those who are far becomes near. Just when she finished her call, “Dear, come down for lunch,” she heard her mother called. Her mother does not work in an office. She stays at home working for an online corporation. Online corporation is now a thing, so parents can look after their children while working from home. After they eat, they will clean the house, and then she has the whole afternoon free.

“Mom, I am going to go play with my friends,” said the girl already packing up. “Okay, take care.” Children could play freely in the neighborhood and their parents won’t be agitated because the world is a safe place. Crime rates have gone down, that even jails are going bankrupt. The children could play all day and parents would only be searching for them because its dinner time.

The world is much safer in the future, no more wars, no more terrorism. Countries help each other; people are much nicer in the future. Children’s thought are filled with games they want to play next, they don’t need to think about survival, they don’t need to think what to eat tomorrow.

“Oh, if only it could be true,” she said exhaling her breath. “Dear, what are you doing there, come back inside, it’s dangerous outside, you don’t know what could fall from the sky. Come in,” her mother called her with a worried tone. “Coming mother,” she reply as she hurriedly ran into the house.

writer’s note: this story was written for a competition originally, but I changed it. One of my draft. Since I am not using this one for the competition, I thought that maybe I should just post it.


Forgotten Villain

She woke up in the middle of the night with a shadow monster on top of her with its talons around her neck. She tries to scream but it was useless, there was no one there, no one could help her. She looked around for something that could help her escape, but there was nothing. The grip around her neck starts to tighten and it started getting harder for her to breathe. ‘What should I do? What can I do?’ she thought to herself. She started getting desperate, and so she took all the powers she had left and kicks the monster. Its grip started getting loose and she escaped, down the hall, to the basement where she stores her candles. She took one and lights it. Then, she took a couple more candles and sits in the corner of the room.

The room suddenly went dim and she could see the shadow monster’s talon crawling on the walls. “What do you want?” she asked. “Villains will never win you know, the hero will always win. You won’t win, so it’s better if we can clear things up now. You can’t go near me, I have a light with me,” she said bravely while stuttering. “Villain?” a deep raspy voice, that sounded like it belonged to the monster reply. Suddenly, the whole room began to shake and the monster crawl faster to her than before. The monster was about 5 inches away from her. The light from the candle protected her. She tried to be brave and while shivering from fear she muttered, “You—you are the vi- villain, I will defeat you, li—like the hero I’m raised to be.”

Now, she was sure that voice belonged to the monster as it opened its mouth again, “Why should I be the villain?! You made me, you turned me to this, so why should I be the villain?!” its scream was filled with rage, pain, and agony, and it only made her feel more frightened to hear what the monster said. The room began to shake greatly and the walls started to crack. “I created you? I never recall creating a monster.” Her reply only angered the monster more and more. Suddenly, the whole room turned dark and the only light left was the light on her hands. The surprises didn’t stop there. From the monster’s head a face emerges, and what she saw made her whimper in fear. “H—how, what is this trickery?” she said, trying not to believe what she is seeing.

“Trickery you say? No, what you are seeing now is your own flesh and blood, your twin brother. Tell me sister, do you not remember me at all? Me, who has always been one step behind you. Me, who became your shadow ever since birth. Me, who is always neglected, forgotten, because of you. I become like this is your fault. Your fault,” he screamed to her. His voice was filled with anger, misery, and a great deal of sadness.

“I—I, I was born to be a hero, it is what I was told to do. I am a hero, I have trained, learned, and I went to a great deal of pain to become a hero just like they said. I am hero,” she said trying to prove herself. “What hero leaves a person to crumble into a monster? Tell me. You’re no hero. What great deal of pain? You have no idea what I have been through. What I have endured, what I have tried to do, when the darkness finally took its hold on me, what did you do? Did you save me from getting consumed by darkness? Did you save me from getting swallowed by the shadows? Did you save me like the hero you said to be? Did you?!” he screeches. “No. No, you didn’t save me. Do you know what you did?” he continued. She shook her head saying that she does not know. She was trying to remember, not just that certain memory, she was trying to remember him, her brother, her younger brother who she was supposed to protect, but she does not remember at all, nothing reminded her of him, nothing triggered her memory of him.

“When the shadows took me, you were the last thing that I saw. You were standing outside with mother and father; you got your hero license and everything. They were praising you. Did you know what I did? I screamed for you. I called you multiple times. I begged you to save me like the hero you said you are. That was when I realized. You are not going to come to help me. Do you know what I think? You are no hero. At least not to me,” Her facial expression when she heard what he said was a mix of guilt and sadness. She couldn’t save her brother. Not only that, her brother stopped seeing her as the hero she is. The world’s view made her so blind that she could not save the one person who is supposed to be the most important person in her life. “I—I didn’t know, I—I don’t, I’m sorry,” she said whimpering.

“Sorry? Did you think your apology will solve everything? Did you think saying sorry will make the shadow disappear? The shadow took everything from me. My life, all my life now, I can only see from behind, I can only see darkness. Do you know what it’s like being in the dark for a long time? Do you?!”

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” she said begging to her furious brother. She was crying, she couldn’t hold her emotions together. “You know what sister? You said the hero will always win in a story. You said that when we were little too. But, you know what? I don’t think you’ll win, sister. This is my story, and in here, you are the villain. Just like you said sister, the villain will never win,” as he said this, the light of the candle she was holding dies, and he swallowed her in his shadows, where they will be together in the darkness, where all the lost and forgotten live in tremendous pain and suffering.

I see you (part 2)

Previously on chapter 1: “Why? Because, I love you. Is it really that questionable? Do you want to know how I fell in love with you?” he asked again. She nodded. Not that she wants to know, but anything to keep him talking and postponing her end.

There was a silence for what seemed like an eternity, her heart beats so fast and she was sure he could hear her heartbeat. Then, he started to open his mouth, “I am really shy, you know. I need to gather my courage just to see you like this.” After he said that, suddenly her phone rang again. It was Michael; he was worried with Emily’s wellbeing. She could see that he was displeased by Michael’s calls. “Let me answer it, he will be very worried,” she said pleading. But, he does not reply her plea. He glanced at her for a moment, and then he took her phone, opens it, and sends a message to her boyfriend. ‘It isn’t a surprise that he knows my password already,’ she thought to herself.

“Where were we? Oh, right, you might not remember me, you were very young when it happen,” he said slowly. She was trembling when she heard what he said; the thought that this man has been following her since she was young is very frightening. Seeing her frightened, he approached her slowly and took her hand. She jumped at the sudden action. “Don’t be afraid, it’ll be better if you sit on your bed. You always loved bed time stories, don’t you?” with a warm yet frightening smile; he took her to her bed and covers her in her blanket. By this time, she could only do as he says, if not, there’s no telling what will happen to her. He has murdered people in cold blood; there is no telling what he can do to her.

“Now, can I continue?” he said with a very sweet voice, although sweet, it brings goosebumps in the back of her neck. She nodded, “I am very shy and when I was younger, people were not very fond of me and no one wanted to play with me, well not so different now. I am used to just watching people play and sit on the bench alone, just watching them in silence.” “Have you not tried playing with them?” she asked. Sometimes curiosity just gotten the best of her, and she dreaded her curious mind every time it appears in the worst possible timing. “Your curious mind, it’s always cute when you are curious,” he said a smile on his face. His smile brought a mix of terror and warmth. ”To answer your question, not really, they won’t accept me, and the thought of that was quite devastating,” he replied.

“It’s always like that, me watching, until one day you suddenly came to me. People are usually afraid of me and don’t bother to try and talk me. They always think of me as a weirdo, but you came to me one day. You gave me a flower and sit next to me. You stated your name, and try to talk to me, simple things, something little girls question. You could not stop talking and I remembered how you said talking with me is fun. Then, it was starting to get late and your babysitter called you to come and go back home. I went back to my own home. It was terrible, really terrible and I guess at that time I finally realized that no one likes me, other than you. I started searching for you, started to get to know you better. As you know I am very shy and the thought of talking to you again, if you hate me, I just can’t live with that. I send little presents at first, and you didn’t look very happy with that. I then started sending you better presents. But, I guess you didn’t like them, so I gave you even better ones, the ones that are closer to the heart.”

She was terrified at this point. ‘He thought that I didn’t like it because it wasn’t enough? What is wrong with his thinking?’ she thought to herself. “But, you killed people, that is wrong,” she said shuttering. “Kill people? I didn’t kill them. They killed themselves really,” he said. “I only borrow their limbs,” he continued. ‘He sounds like someone who doesn’t feel guilty at all, never mind guilty, he sounded like what he was doing wasn’t wrong,’ she thought again. She thought her life will end shorter than she thought, so she tried to speak to him, question him to at least until she can think of a way to escape. “Tell me about yourself, you know me but I don’t know you at all,” she said while trying to control her voice. “About me? No one has ever asked me to tell them about me. You are the only one,” he said smiling, his expression a mixed of happiness, sadness, and madness.

He went and touch her hair and when he was about to speak, suddenly Emily’s phone rang again. She looked at her phone, trying to see who was calling her. It was Michael. She tries to look at the face of the man who took her hostage. He looked displeased, and angered. ‘What is Michael thinking? Oh dear God, I can’t let Michael get into this mess. I thought he already sent a message to Michael. Think, Emily, think.

 “You don’t need to reply him,” she said bravely. “Tell me more about you. Your name, anything,” she continued. He changes his gaze from her phone to her. He looks calmer now; his angered expression was no more. “Waels, my name is Waels,” he said. Then, he opens his mouth again, “I don’t give my name to anyone, especially my real name, although, just like you, I too have changed my name. I hate my previous name; it brings a lot of bad memories, but I think it’s better for you to know my birth name, maybe I’ll start liking the name if you know me by Waels.”

“W-Waels, okay, tell me more, about you, your life.” “My life hmm, it’s quite boring really, you’ll get bored listening to it, but, I guess if you want, I’ll tell you,” he said while looking at her. She nodded and so he continued. “I wasn’t born in a perfect family. In fact, it was far from perfect. Ah, it’s really hard to talk about this, I left them already and I do not wish to talk about them,” he said sadly. He looked at her who was trying to listen to him. “Story for another time?” he said. “It’s getting really late, so why don’t you sleep now,” he said while stroking her hair. Just as he was about to fix and cover her in her blanket, there was a knock on the door. “Nathania, are you okay? Open the door, Nathania,” a voice called. The person outside of the door sounded worried, and the voice that calls to her was none other than Michael. On the other side of the door, standing outside of harm’s way is Emily’s boyfriend. ‘Oh, no, Michael, why is he here? Oh, he’s going to get himself killed, what should I do?’ Emily thought to herself, just as she was thinking about a way to save Michael. “Ah, it seems you have company, Emily. Someone is here to see you,” he said while standing up from the sofa.

Lover’s arrow

I finally win. After everything I’ve been through. I finally won. I took the key and opened the door. Inside, a black box containing the thing everyone wanted. I sit at the corner holding the box and slowly opening it. Finally, after all the hardships I have been through. I took a deep breath and close my eyes, trying to remember everything I’ve been through. Ah. That’s right. Oh, poor dear Kathrine. But, she could not escape the inevitable.

That boy, the protector had a special gift. I just recently heard about his gift. Apparently, he was given a mystic bow when he was 18. I have heard about this mystic bow from rumors on the streets. It is said that the mystic bow will kill whoever is destined to kill you, three seconds before they do. What a mighty weapon indeed. But, I guess that weapon is really useless, judging from the event that has happened. Ah, I hope Kathrine is happy out there somewhere. She can now be with him now and forever. I saw it, how it all ended. Their story could almost bring me to tears.

Tragic indeed, a love story between an assassin and the protector of the most rare and wanted elixir. She met him three years ago on a mission. She was told to keep an eye on him and search for the key. She did as she was told, but she did more than that. “Jack is special. He is very kind and nice. Everything I wasn’t,” she said to me. She had fallen for him, and if I could say so myself, they were a perfect pair. After so much misery in her life, after all she has been through; she was finally able to smile. She even wanted to quit her job because of him, but that’s not right, she was paid and she has to finish her job. After all, what would happen to her younger brother, if she doesn’t finish her job? The young brother she provides through her time and money being an assassin.

Ah, but love is a very strong force; she couldn’t bring herself to kill him in the end. “All you need is the key after all, killing him is not needed.” Of course, that is true. The key is the most important thing. So, I kept watching them. Jack looks like he really is fond of Kathrine. He always wanted to make her smile. How long has it been since then? I guess two years after all that, he finally got on his knee and propose. It was such a lovely proposal as well. “For so long, I have been alone for a very long time. No one wants to approach me because of the power I have and the thing I protect. People who tried to approach me, all tried to kill me or get something from me.” Ah, I bet at this time, she must have felt guilty; she tried to kill him too. Then he continued, “But you are different, you made me happy, you gave me a meaning in the life I hate. So, Kathrine Evergreen, can I have the honor, to becoming your husband?” I saw her eyes teared up. She nodded, but before she could say, “I do,” a bright light shot through her.

At that time, I could see her life vanishing from her eyes. She drops to the ground, almost instantly. It didn’t take her long until she breathes her last breath. Then I saw him, I remembered the look on his face, the look of horror and despair as his lover fell upon the earth. He ran to her; slowly and gently touch her face. “Kathrine..” he knew it was the mystic bow. His gift, his power took Kathrine away. I could see, his life withered instantly. Then, I saw him took his gun, the gun that was supposed to be used to protect him from unwanted visitors. He put his gun to his head. Then, a shot was heard and he soon fell upon the earth as well. Ah, what a tragedy indeed. It seems, his power did not change his destiny. She was destined to kill him. The arrow could not change his fate. She was his life, and he was not whole without her. I could guess that if she told the truth, it will kill him. If she told him who she was, he would be devastated. Then, I went to them and closed both their eyes. At least, they deserved some peace. After that, I took the key around his neck. I shed a little tear, that’s the decent thing to do, right?

But, all that was to get something important. I guess it’s partially my fault, I did not warn her about the mystic bow. But, she was not important, just a tool to get the elixir. She did finish her job in the end. I asked for his death and she delivered it to me. The elixir of immortality is mine now. Now, nothing can stop me. Of course, I got the elixir at a cost, but it’s worth it. No one can hurt me now. I finally won indeed