A Girl’s Dream

The sound of birds and the bright sunshine woke her. She stood up, and then hurriedly gets dressed, she opened the door to see the children in the neighborhood playing together and everything was green. There are a lot of trees, and the neighborhood is spotless. She heard her mother calling her to get ready for school. School is fun; the class has a 5D projector. Sometimes the class can be a jungle and they can play with the animals in the jungle. School isn’t as long as it was in the past; 5 hours of class and the children are ready to go home. They have a special time where the children could go play too, this is her favorite time in school.

After school, she goes home and calls her sister who is in the other side of the world. With the new technology, her sister’s projection could be in the same room as her, so she could meet her sister every time. Technology in this era made those who are far becomes near. Just when she finished her call, “Dear, come down for lunch,” she heard her mother called. Her mother does not work in an office. She stays at home working for an online corporation. Online corporation is now a thing, so parents can look after their children while working from home. After they eat, they will clean the house, and then she has the whole afternoon free.

“Mom, I am going to go play with my friends,” said the girl already packing up. “Okay, take care.” Children could play freely in the neighborhood and their parents won’t be agitated because the world is a safe place. Crime rates have gone down, that even jails are going bankrupt. The children could play all day and parents would only be searching for them because its dinner time.

The world is much safer in the future, no more wars, no more terrorism. Countries help each other; people are much nicer in the future. Children’s thought are filled with games they want to play next, they don’t need to think about survival, they don’t need to think what to eat tomorrow.

“Oh, if only it could be true,” she said exhaling her breath. “Dear, what are you doing there, come back inside, it’s dangerous outside, you don’t know what could fall from the sky. Come in,” her mother called her with a worried tone. “Coming mother,” she reply as she hurriedly ran into the house.

writer’s note: this story was written for a competition originally, but I changed it. One of my draft. Since I am not using this one for the competition, I thought that maybe I should just post it.