The Reaper’s Monster (part 1)

“I killed the beast!” he screamed, “I killed the person who is going to set our world on fire!”

I heard my best friend screamed over and over again, while I was laying there, half-dead, covered in a pool of blood, my blood. I heard footsteps coming towards my body; I heard the sound of people whispering. Those whispering changed, now people are praising him, they were praising my friend who stab me. They praised him over and over again, and then the sounds started to go farther and farther away. Everything started going blurry. It seems that I am going to die soon. I exhaled, closing my eyes, accepting the bitter truth that my best friend killed me and was proud of it.

“My, my, what do we have here? Such a tragedy,” spoke a voice. I took every bit of power I have left and opened my eyes, to which I saw a man wearing all-black attire. I never knew that man; I have never seen him before. He was dressed in clothing not from this era, he had a top hat and he wore a long black coat, he had a cane in one of his hand. He was very peculiar so to speak, but I could not care less, after all I am about to die. I started to close my eyes again, until he said, “I can give you another chance in life. I can help you get your revenge. Your friend that created this mess, do you not want to properly give your regards? Besides, a woman submerged in her own blood, on a pavement is not how I imagine your death.” I opened my eyes and looked at him, he took my interest, but then again, I have to think about my choices. I could not clearly see what he was doing, but for a moment, I felt that he was smiling; knowing he had took my interest.

 “I’ll give you your life back, if you do one thing for me. A small errand, it won’t be a hassle.” I took every bit of strength left and nodded, after all, what could be worse than this. In a beat, suddenly I was back. There was no pool of blood; there was no stab wound; there was only him and me. “Who are you?” I said while still trying to catch my breath. It was all too surreal; I was gasping for air and was inhaling my own blood before, and now suddenly I am back on my feet. “I would aspect you to thank me first, but no matter. I am a grim reaper. I am the one who should deliver people’s souls to the after world. You have a bright future in front of you, well not quite. In exchange for giving you your life back, I want you to kill a person, he or she has been sucking people’s life and our job has been hectic since then.” Well, I was shocked to say the least. A grim reaper was in front of me, he gave me my life back. “I’ll get in touch with you when I have the time. I would advise you to use your life very carefully. Until we meet again,” he bowed and then he disappeared, gone without a trace.

A year has passed and everything seemed like it has gone back to normal. Except the fact that my previous best friend has completely forgotten me and I have to kill a person with strange ability, a person who could suck another person’s life force. My hatred towards my previous friend grew, as well as my curiosity with the reaper. After all, out of all the people on this earth, why must he choose me? I was deep in my thought, until a voice distracted me.

“What is in that mind of yours that is making you spill your tea?” I quickly came back to my senses to see the reaper sitting in my kitchen chair. “Such a waste of good tea, what question do you have for me? Perhaps you would like to know why I chose you, or maybe you would like to know something much more personal?” he said, added with a smirk to his remark. I quickly took a rag from the sink to clean the floor. I was in a daze, and then I took a glance look at the reaper. I have never actually observed him before, now that I think about it, he was very handsome. “Staring is quite improper, you know. If you wish to figure me out, you could always just ask.”

“What is the reason you chose me?” I asked while trying to cover my flushed face. “It’s not just because I was the only one there that was needed a second chance, right?” “Of course not, I chose you for a reason.  Like any other reaper, I have my own way on dealing with problems. Usually, I would like a non-messy and fastest way possible, but since the problem is much bigger and fast is out of question, and I do not want make my hands dirty, I chose you. Us reaper has the ability to see the life people like yourself have lived, to me, you are one of the most interesting human I had ever lay my eyes to.”

“About the one I am supposed to kill. You really have no idea how he or she looks like?” I asked again. “No. None at all, every time reapers go to retrieve a soul from a body, the souls were already gone. No mere mortals could do that, and with that monster lurking around, let’s just say everything is not in their right place,” said the ripper; I could see from him eyes, what kind of havoc the monster has created. His eyes showed a very deep hatred and anger, something I would never expect to see from the reaper’s face. My stomach churned, after all how could I, just a girl like me, be able to kill such a monster?