The Reaper’s Monster (part 1)

“I killed the beast!” he screamed, “I killed the person who is going to set our world on fire!”

I heard my best friend screamed over and over again, while I was laying there, half-dead, covered in a pool of blood, my blood. I heard footsteps coming towards my body; I heard the sound of people whispering. Those whispering changed, now people are praising him, they were praising my friend who stab me. They praised him over and over again, and then the sounds started to go farther and farther away. Everything started going blurry. It seems that I am going to die soon. I exhaled, closing my eyes, accepting the bitter truth that my best friend killed me and was proud of it.

“My, my, what do we have here? Such a tragedy,” spoke a voice. I took every bit of power I have left and opened my eyes, to which I saw a man wearing all-black attire. I never knew that man; I have never seen him before. He was dressed in clothing not from this era, he had a top hat and he wore a long black coat, he had a cane in one of his hand. He was very peculiar so to speak, but I could not care less, after all I am about to die. I started to close my eyes again, until he said, “I can give you another chance in life. I can help you get your revenge. Your friend that created this mess, do you not want to properly give your regards? Besides, a woman submerged in her own blood, on a pavement is not how I imagine your death.” I opened my eyes and looked at him, he took my interest, but then again, I have to think about my choices. I could not clearly see what he was doing, but for a moment, I felt that he was smiling; knowing he had took my interest.

 “I’ll give you your life back, if you do one thing for me. A small errand, it won’t be a hassle.” I took every bit of strength left and nodded, after all, what could be worse than this. In a beat, suddenly I was back. There was no pool of blood; there was no stab wound; there was only him and me. “Who are you?” I said while still trying to catch my breath. It was all too surreal; I was gasping for air and was inhaling my own blood before, and now suddenly I am back on my feet. “I would aspect you to thank me first, but no matter. I am a grim reaper. I am the one who should deliver people’s souls to the after world. You have a bright future in front of you, well not quite. In exchange for giving you your life back, I want you to kill a person, he or she has been sucking people’s life and our job has been hectic since then.” Well, I was shocked to say the least. A grim reaper was in front of me, he gave me my life back. “I’ll get in touch with you when I have the time. I would advise you to use your life very carefully. Until we meet again,” he bowed and then he disappeared, gone without a trace.

A year has passed and everything seemed like it has gone back to normal. Except the fact that my previous best friend has completely forgotten me and I have to kill a person with strange ability, a person who could suck another person’s life force. My hatred towards my previous friend grew, as well as my curiosity with the reaper. After all, out of all the people on this earth, why must he choose me? I was deep in my thought, until a voice distracted me.

“What is in that mind of yours that is making you spill your tea?” I quickly came back to my senses to see the reaper sitting in my kitchen chair. “Such a waste of good tea, what question do you have for me? Perhaps you would like to know why I chose you, or maybe you would like to know something much more personal?” he said, added with a smirk to his remark. I quickly took a rag from the sink to clean the floor. I was in a daze, and then I took a glance look at the reaper. I have never actually observed him before, now that I think about it, he was very handsome. “Staring is quite improper, you know. If you wish to figure me out, you could always just ask.”

“What is the reason you chose me?” I asked while trying to cover my flushed face. “It’s not just because I was the only one there that was needed a second chance, right?” “Of course not, I chose you for a reason.  Like any other reaper, I have my own way on dealing with problems. Usually, I would like a non-messy and fastest way possible, but since the problem is much bigger and fast is out of question, and I do not want make my hands dirty, I chose you. Us reaper has the ability to see the life people like yourself have lived, to me, you are one of the most interesting human I had ever lay my eyes to.”

“About the one I am supposed to kill. You really have no idea how he or she looks like?” I asked again. “No. None at all, every time reapers go to retrieve a soul from a body, the souls were already gone. No mere mortals could do that, and with that monster lurking around, let’s just say everything is not in their right place,” said the ripper; I could see from him eyes, what kind of havoc the monster has created. His eyes showed a very deep hatred and anger, something I would never expect to see from the reaper’s face. My stomach churned, after all how could I, just a girl like me, be able to kill such a monster?  


I see you (part 2)

Previously on chapter 1: “Why? Because, I love you. Is it really that questionable? Do you want to know how I fell in love with you?” he asked again. She nodded. Not that she wants to know, but anything to keep him talking and postponing her end.

There was a silence for what seemed like an eternity, her heart beats so fast and she was sure he could hear her heartbeat. Then, he started to open his mouth, “I am really shy, you know. I need to gather my courage just to see you like this.” After he said that, suddenly her phone rang again. It was Michael; he was worried with Emily’s wellbeing. She could see that he was displeased by Michael’s calls. “Let me answer it, he will be very worried,” she said pleading. But, he does not reply her plea. He glanced at her for a moment, and then he took her phone, opens it, and sends a message to her boyfriend. ‘It isn’t a surprise that he knows my password already,’ she thought to herself.

“Where were we? Oh, right, you might not remember me, you were very young when it happen,” he said slowly. She was trembling when she heard what he said; the thought that this man has been following her since she was young is very frightening. Seeing her frightened, he approached her slowly and took her hand. She jumped at the sudden action. “Don’t be afraid, it’ll be better if you sit on your bed. You always loved bed time stories, don’t you?” with a warm yet frightening smile; he took her to her bed and covers her in her blanket. By this time, she could only do as he says, if not, there’s no telling what will happen to her. He has murdered people in cold blood; there is no telling what he can do to her.

“Now, can I continue?” he said with a very sweet voice, although sweet, it brings goosebumps in the back of her neck. She nodded, “I am very shy and when I was younger, people were not very fond of me and no one wanted to play with me, well not so different now. I am used to just watching people play and sit on the bench alone, just watching them in silence.” “Have you not tried playing with them?” she asked. Sometimes curiosity just gotten the best of her, and she dreaded her curious mind every time it appears in the worst possible timing. “Your curious mind, it’s always cute when you are curious,” he said a smile on his face. His smile brought a mix of terror and warmth. ”To answer your question, not really, they won’t accept me, and the thought of that was quite devastating,” he replied.

“It’s always like that, me watching, until one day you suddenly came to me. People are usually afraid of me and don’t bother to try and talk me. They always think of me as a weirdo, but you came to me one day. You gave me a flower and sit next to me. You stated your name, and try to talk to me, simple things, something little girls question. You could not stop talking and I remembered how you said talking with me is fun. Then, it was starting to get late and your babysitter called you to come and go back home. I went back to my own home. It was terrible, really terrible and I guess at that time I finally realized that no one likes me, other than you. I started searching for you, started to get to know you better. As you know I am very shy and the thought of talking to you again, if you hate me, I just can’t live with that. I send little presents at first, and you didn’t look very happy with that. I then started sending you better presents. But, I guess you didn’t like them, so I gave you even better ones, the ones that are closer to the heart.”

She was terrified at this point. ‘He thought that I didn’t like it because it wasn’t enough? What is wrong with his thinking?’ she thought to herself. “But, you killed people, that is wrong,” she said shuttering. “Kill people? I didn’t kill them. They killed themselves really,” he said. “I only borrow their limbs,” he continued. ‘He sounds like someone who doesn’t feel guilty at all, never mind guilty, he sounded like what he was doing wasn’t wrong,’ she thought again. She thought her life will end shorter than she thought, so she tried to speak to him, question him to at least until she can think of a way to escape. “Tell me about yourself, you know me but I don’t know you at all,” she said while trying to control her voice. “About me? No one has ever asked me to tell them about me. You are the only one,” he said smiling, his expression a mixed of happiness, sadness, and madness.

He went and touch her hair and when he was about to speak, suddenly Emily’s phone rang again. She looked at her phone, trying to see who was calling her. It was Michael. She tries to look at the face of the man who took her hostage. He looked displeased, and angered. ‘What is Michael thinking? Oh dear God, I can’t let Michael get into this mess. I thought he already sent a message to Michael. Think, Emily, think.

 “You don’t need to reply him,” she said bravely. “Tell me more about you. Your name, anything,” she continued. He changes his gaze from her phone to her. He looks calmer now; his angered expression was no more. “Waels, my name is Waels,” he said. Then, he opens his mouth again, “I don’t give my name to anyone, especially my real name, although, just like you, I too have changed my name. I hate my previous name; it brings a lot of bad memories, but I think it’s better for you to know my birth name, maybe I’ll start liking the name if you know me by Waels.”

“W-Waels, okay, tell me more, about you, your life.” “My life hmm, it’s quite boring really, you’ll get bored listening to it, but, I guess if you want, I’ll tell you,” he said while looking at her. She nodded and so he continued. “I wasn’t born in a perfect family. In fact, it was far from perfect. Ah, it’s really hard to talk about this, I left them already and I do not wish to talk about them,” he said sadly. He looked at her who was trying to listen to him. “Story for another time?” he said. “It’s getting really late, so why don’t you sleep now,” he said while stroking her hair. Just as he was about to fix and cover her in her blanket, there was a knock on the door. “Nathania, are you okay? Open the door, Nathania,” a voice called. The person outside of the door sounded worried, and the voice that calls to her was none other than Michael. On the other side of the door, standing outside of harm’s way is Emily’s boyfriend. ‘Oh, no, Michael, why is he here? Oh, he’s going to get himself killed, what should I do?’ Emily thought to herself, just as she was thinking about a way to save Michael. “Ah, it seems you have company, Emily. Someone is here to see you,” he said while standing up from the sofa.

Crooked Wings (part 1)

“You are no angel,” teased her friend. “I am, I am, I truly am. Or at least I think I am,” she answered trying to convince her friends. “Then, you should stop hanging out or likings those damned demons,” replied another one. “Those creatures only bring sadness and disturbance. We are not supposed to be associated with them at all.” “One of these days, you’ll lose your wings and fall to hell, if you keep looking at them intently, like you do now.” They all laughed together and from the earth you can see the stars twinkling in the sky as the angels laughed. “But, are you not sad? They suffer so much,” she asked, a sympathetic look on her face. “Have you gone mad?! They got what they deserved. After what they did, they got what was coming to them,” the others answered. Looking like there is no point in continuing the fight, she sighed, and then she flew away to her favorite place, a place where she can see everything, a place where she can see the good and the bad living harmoniously. From above the clouds, where the angels play, she looks to the lives down below her. She saw demons trying to pull mischievous pranks on humans, angels trying to stop people from doing bad things, all the animals, and all the humans, and also all the plants living upon the earth.

“Do they really get what they deserved? I read the bible of course but really?” she was lost in her thoughts, when suddenly, she got an idea. Her idea was reckless and could go wrong in so many ways, but she was not like any other angels, and her curiosity only grew bigger and bigger. The next morning, she preceded her plan, she change herself into a human for the day. She saw humans, good and bad, kind and rude, and she felt more alive than she was before. “Now, to find a demon,” she thought to herself. Angels and demons should not be associated, it is a law followed by all, and if the two loved each other, chaos will happen.

She walked to city, looking at the people walking around, when suddenly she stumbled upon a stranger. She fell and looked up to the stranger, a young man probably the same age as her form now. The man has black hair and pale skin, but when they’re eyes met each other, she just saw a charm that not most people can see. “Ah, I’m sorry,” she said while trying to get up. Then, he put out his hand to help her get up. “It’s alright,” he said. He has a soft voice, a voice that can just lure you away. “This might be him, the others always told me that demons are not like what they seem, demons can be handsome, and demons can be very alluring and might seem nice. It’s to lure people, to lure people into doing bad deeds,” she thought to herself and then she said to him with a smile on her face, “May I offer you to some foods?” a silence hit for a few seconds until he opened his mouth and replied, “are you asking me out on a date? Normally, you don’t ask people you meet on the streets on a date, but I guess I am free now since I don’t have anything to do.” Her time is very limited, for she can only spend a day as a human, so how can she gain information, without tipping him off that she is an angel?

“Can I ask you a question?” she asked. “Of course,” he replied while reading the menu card. “What do you think about demons?” “Demons? That is a weird thing to ask, but hmm.. They are evil creatures who should be punished.” She was quite disappointed with the answer, until he continued, “but, in my opinion, they were never given a second chance, if they were given a second chance, a chance to love humans, everything might change for the better. I heard somewhere that angels pray for those who has sinned, but have they prayed for the sinner who needed it the most?” as she tries to understand his statement, he asked a question, “how about you? Do you think demons are evil creatures?” “Yes, they are evil, but I think there might be some good in them, after all demons were once angels. I guess it’s because I believe that everything has good in it, no matter how evil they are, there must be good. I mean Lucifer was a fallen angel right? There was good in him and there might still be good in him somewhere. As so do all the other demons, there must still be good in them somewhere,” she answered quite proud with herself. After that, their food came and then they spent the entire evening together, until the time has come for her to go back to her own place. “Thank you for the lovely evening, I had fun,” she answered with a smile. “You’re welcome. I had a lovely time as well.”

She flew back to her place only to find her two best friends waiting for her, “Where have you been all day?” asked one of them. “Did you seriously tried to get close to a demon? It’s forbidden you know that. I knew you were a risk taker but this is getting out of control,” said the other one. “It’s really not what you think. I only spent a day on earth. I met a boy, who I have no idea if he was a demon, an angel or a human. We talked and then I got back here,” she said in her defense. “You interacted with someone?! Who you had no idea who it is?! Really, I thought you were better than that,” said one of her friends hysterically. “Do you want to become like one of the fallen? You know their story. You also have heard what happened with the two lovers. You will only get misery, if you fall for a demon,” said the other one while trying to calm down her friend.

The two lovers is a tale about how an angel fell in love with a demon. It’s a sad story with a tragic end. About an angel who wanted freedom and a demon who seeks peace, who fell in love with each other even though it’s forbidden. They both got exiled by their own kind. In the end the demon could not stand being exiled and tore the angel’s wings and come back to her kind. The angel tried to make her stay and said he would forgive her, but she could not stand being a cast out. The angel heart broken and all alone, walk on earth trying to find his peace once more. He was never seen again, some angels said he grew his wings back and returned, some says he still wanders and still seeking for peace, and some says he now live in a cave where no light can shine through and trapped himself there for eternity.

“That is not going to happen to me. I am not in love with demons, I sympathized them, but I don’t love them,” she said, trying to ensure her friends from thinking the worst possibilities. But, she did not know what was coming to her, she did not know that her words are going to come back to her and bite her. She did not know what will happen next and what the future holds with that mysterious young man.

I see you (part 1)

She has escaped death two times now. She moved from a country to another, changed her name, left her job, and left her family and friends. She never met him before, but she knows he is trouble. He was her nightmare, he was the thing that kept her awake at night, and he was the thing that made her jump when someone grabbed her from behind. He was her stalker. He has sent her roses, letters, and everything you can think of and more. At first, it was just subtle letters and roses, but he became bolder and bolder. He started sending her pictures of her in her room when she was sleeping, pictures of her when she was studying, pictures of her when she was taking a bath. It was already creepy at that point, and then he started sending her body parts: fingers, hands, hearts, and letters that told how much he loves her. It was starting to be unbearable.

She asked the police for help but there was nothing, not a single trace of him. The police tried to search for the perpetrator, but he was always 5 steps ahead of the police. He always disappears whenever the police had a lead on him. It was as if he was a ghost. But the letters and body parts never stops coming. The police found DNA of those people. The police said that all those people’s DNA matches the DNA of the missing personness cases. The police advised her family to move out of town until they finish the case.

After that, she moved with her family to Southampton, but that didn’t stop him. Not at all, in fact he became bolder and more terrifying. After a while it started again. A letter came two months after she had moved. The letter was written in red ink.

Dear Emily,

Why did you move? I was sad that you moved. I didn’t know where you move to, it took some time for me to find you. But I finally found you, my dear Emily, were you lonely these past two months? I hope you think of me as often as I think of you.

P.S I hope you love the present I give you


Your Secret Admirer

What she saw in the box turned her pale. It was a finger with a ring in it. She has seen that ring before. It was her old ring given by one of her past lover. It kept happening over and over again her old teddy bear that was already thrown away when she was seven, a gold chain necklace that was given to her from her grandparents, and more things from her past. She begs the police to help her, but there was nothing the police could do. He was too smart to be caught. The police also have their hands full with all more missing people cases. Her family started getting worried with her. At this point it became so unbearable that her brother has to move in with their grandparents. After six months of ‘gifts’ from him, she left again. She left without the consent of her parents. She took some money one night and left.

This time, she changed her life, she took the name Nathania and move to Bournemouth. She left her family, because she couldn’t bare seeing her family becoming paranoid with every letters that comes to the house. She started living in an apartment. She got a new job, and a new life. Everything started to go smoothly. For once, she was finally able to live without fear. She found a new lover, new friends, she was finally happy. It has been almost a year now. No letters, no body parts, nothing. She thought she was finally free. She outsmarts the stalker and now he couldn’t find her anymore. He couldn’t harass her anymore.

That is until one evening. She had just come home from work. She was tired and she was dying to get back to the apartment and sleep. She opened her apartment door to hundreds of roses. She knew they were from him; he had found her. She dropped her bag, her skin turned pale. ‘This.. This can’t be true’ she thought to herself. ‘I changed my name, I moved away, how can he still find me?’ she was horrified. Slowly she turned on the lights only to find a more terrifying view. Written in blood on the wall are the words: “YOU CAN’T HIDE FOREVER”. She fell on her knees; she was so scared that her knees couldn’t hold her weight. ‘How? Why?’ all those questions popping through her head. She was in a state of shock that she didn’t even realize there was a presence near her. There was another person in the room.

When she had finally realized there was another person, it was too late. She could not escape from the position she is in. A figure was standing behind her. The figure step closer to her and whisper in her ear. “I had a hard time searching for you. You changed your name this time. I wanted to just stay and watch you from afar but I don’t want you to run away anymore,” his voice was terrifying. Goosebumps appear in her skin from her neck down. “Don’t look so scared. Here I brought you a gift.” He placed a gold necklace around her neck. The necklace has blood residue on it. She took a glance at the necklace. Her eyes showed how horrified she was. It was her mother’s necklace. “What did you do?” she screamed in terror, a tear running down her cheeks. She was scared. He stroke her cheek, “there.. there.. don’t cry.. don’t you like it? It was quite hard getting it.” She was clearly in a state of shock. Seeing how troubled he continued, “I didn’t kill your mother, if that is what you think. I don’t want you to hate me after all.”

They were both sitting for a while. Suddenly her phone rang. Her boyfriend was calling her. She hurried trying to get the call but he stopped her from doing it. It was then she finally saw him. He was tall, he has black hair, and blue eyes. He was not unattractive in fact he was quite handsome. “He will worry. He will know something is up,” she said with the little courage she had left. He made a big grin, a grin that sends chills to her bone. “Really? So Michael is that kind of person,” he said still grinning. ‘Is it even a surprise that he knows Michael’s name,’ she thought to herself.

“What do you want?” she asked. She was still trembling with fright, but what can she do. “What I want? What I want is you Emily.. or do you prefer to be called Nathania?” he smiled. ‘If he was not such a psycho I might even fell for him. But, now what? Think Emily, think. I don’t want to be killed. What should I do?’ she thought to herself. “Emily is fine. Why do you do this?” she mustered courage to ask. A silence fell upon for some seconds. “Why? Because, I love you. Is it really that questionable? Do you want to know how I fell in love with you?” he asked again. She nodded. Not that she wants to know, but anything to keep him talking and postponing her end.