The Fox

Once upon a time there lived a fox that was in need of a friend. The fox lived under the apple tree near the river bank, there is a village near the river and he comes to the village every day to hunt for chickens. His life is very monotonous; he hunts for chicken, and then the men hunts for him. One day when he was near the village looking for chickens, a girl approaches him. The girl has a long blonde hair, emerald colored eyes, and fair white skin. “Hi, I’m Emily. Do you want to be my friend?” asked the girl. “I can’t be your friend, I am wild” said the fox. “Of course you can. You can be tamed,” answered the girl. The fox looked at her in confusion, “What does tame means?”

“If I tame you, to me you will be different, not like any other foxes, I can tell it’s you from a single footstep, your voice will be like music to my ears. You will live in my memories and I will always remember you. Every time I pass the river bank I will always remember you since you live near here. To me you are going to be a very special fox and to you I will be a very special person”

The fox looked at Emily, for a very long time. “Please tame me,” said the fox. “But, what will you do to tame me?” continued the fox. “I must be patient. I will come to you and I will sit next to you for starters. I will teach you everything I know and I will open my heart to you. With that, you can trust me and with that I can finally tame you.” 

Emily came the next day and sit next to the fox in silence. “What are you doing?” asked the fox. “I’m trying to get used to you for now. It will be easier for me to tame you when I get used to you,” answered Emily. “Oh,” said the fox.

Finally, the day comes when Emily tames the fox and also the day when Emily has to say goodbye to the fox. “Ah,” said the fox. “I’m going to cry”

“I’m sorry, but my illness has worsened and I must move to the city with my mother to get medication. I will return to you when I am better,” said Emily. Looking at the sad fox, Emily continued, “What have you learned with the time we spend together?” The fox remained silent and only looked at Emily. “I will tell you a secret of mine, but before that I want something to remember you by. I will tell you my secret when you have found something to give me.” The fox ran to look for something, but finds nothing. He saw many things along the way but not what he was looking for. So, he came back to Emily without anything. “I could not find anything for you, there is nothing important that I can give you,” said the fox. Emily smiled. “Here is my secret, it is very simple: Only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.” “Why did you tell me your secret? I did not give you anything,” said the fox. “The time I have lost with you is what makes you important. The best way to remember you by is with the stories we have made together,” answered Emily. “Goodbye,” said the fox. “Goodbye,” said Emily.

Emily went away and she did not return and the fox went back to his past monotonous life. He did remember the time he spends with her, but that was all he could do. He did not try to look for a friend, he only waits, under the apple tree he waits, for someone to come look for him. He waited for Emily to return but she did not. Until one day, a boy walked passes the apple tree. The fox saw the boy and with the boy he saw an opportunity. It was then the fox appeared. “Good morning,” said the fox.

Writer’s note: I made this one quite long ago before I made “mysketchywritings.” It’s inspired by The Little Prince. I love that book a lot and the fox too, so this is like the background story of the fox.