Lover’s arrow

I finally win. After everything I’ve been through. I finally won. I took the key and opened the door. Inside, a black box containing the thing everyone wanted. I sit at the corner holding the box and slowly opening it. Finally, after all the hardships I have been through. I took a deep breath and close my eyes, trying to remember everything I’ve been through. Ah. That’s right. Oh, poor dear Kathrine. But, she could not escape the inevitable.

That boy, the protector had a special gift. I just recently heard about his gift. Apparently, he was given a mystic bow when he was 18. I have heard about this mystic bow from rumors on the streets. It is said that the mystic bow will kill whoever is destined to kill you, three seconds before they do. What a mighty weapon indeed. But, I guess that weapon is really useless, judging from the event that has happened. Ah, I hope Kathrine is happy out there somewhere. She can now be with him now and forever. I saw it, how it all ended. Their story could almost bring me to tears.

Tragic indeed, a love story between an assassin and the protector of the most rare and wanted elixir. She met him three years ago on a mission. She was told to keep an eye on him and search for the key. She did as she was told, but she did more than that. “Jack is special. He is very kind and nice. Everything I wasn’t,” she said to me. She had fallen for him, and if I could say so myself, they were a perfect pair. After so much misery in her life, after all she has been through; she was finally able to smile. She even wanted to quit her job because of him, but that’s not right, she was paid and she has to finish her job. After all, what would happen to her younger brother, if she doesn’t finish her job? The young brother she provides through her time and money being an assassin.

Ah, but love is a very strong force; she couldn’t bring herself to kill him in the end. “All you need is the key after all, killing him is not needed.” Of course, that is true. The key is the most important thing. So, I kept watching them. Jack looks like he really is fond of Kathrine. He always wanted to make her smile. How long has it been since then? I guess two years after all that, he finally got on his knee and propose. It was such a lovely proposal as well. “For so long, I have been alone for a very long time. No one wants to approach me because of the power I have and the thing I protect. People who tried to approach me, all tried to kill me or get something from me.” Ah, I bet at this time, she must have felt guilty; she tried to kill him too. Then he continued, “But you are different, you made me happy, you gave me a meaning in the life I hate. So, Kathrine Evergreen, can I have the honor, to becoming your husband?” I saw her eyes teared up. She nodded, but before she could say, “I do,” a bright light shot through her.

At that time, I could see her life vanishing from her eyes. She drops to the ground, almost instantly. It didn’t take her long until she breathes her last breath. Then I saw him, I remembered the look on his face, the look of horror and despair as his lover fell upon the earth. He ran to her; slowly and gently touch her face. “Kathrine..” he knew it was the mystic bow. His gift, his power took Kathrine away. I could see, his life withered instantly. Then, I saw him took his gun, the gun that was supposed to be used to protect him from unwanted visitors. He put his gun to his head. Then, a shot was heard and he soon fell upon the earth as well. Ah, what a tragedy indeed. It seems, his power did not change his destiny. She was destined to kill him. The arrow could not change his fate. She was his life, and he was not whole without her. I could guess that if she told the truth, it will kill him. If she told him who she was, he would be devastated. Then, I went to them and closed both their eyes. At least, they deserved some peace. After that, I took the key around his neck. I shed a little tear, that’s the decent thing to do, right?

But, all that was to get something important. I guess it’s partially my fault, I did not warn her about the mystic bow. But, she was not important, just a tool to get the elixir. She did finish her job in the end. I asked for his death and she delivered it to me. The elixir of immortality is mine now. Now, nothing can stop me. Of course, I got the elixir at a cost, but it’s worth it. No one can hurt me now. I finally won indeed


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